Health Research Lead

Salary: AfC Band 7 (£49,036 – £55,049 per annum including HCAS)
Job type: Full time (37.5 hours per week)
 Information Directorate
Location: Euston, London
Closing date for applications: 9 March 2023
Interview date: 27 March 2023


Job overview

We’re looking for a passionate, values-driven Health Research Lead to support Imperial College Health Partners in delivering advanced management approaches and applying analytical, scientific, statistical skills to lead research projects that involve real-world health care data and target impacts that benefit the NHS health care eco-system. You will also bring energy and empathy to bear in the development, execution, and management of the data analysis within projects.


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Main duties of the job

The role of Health Research Lead is to support this type of complex change by bringing a breadth of project leadership, statistical and analytical skills to generate insights in health and care data to understand health care challenges. You will also bring energy and empathy to bear in the development, execution, and management of the data analysis within projects.

The role will proactively engage with NHS partners, industry and academia, around strategic endeavours to use real world data to understand health care challenges. that target outcomes to benefit the health of patients within North West London and beyond.

Responsibilities include:

  • Advanced management skills – successful orchestration of teams of clinical, academic, industry and analytics colleagues to focus on a unified goal and deliver a robust product
  • Considerable experience working within the research and health data environment and specifically working with health and care data to deliver insights
  • Use of scientific insight to recognise scientific potential and strategic opportunities
  • Demonstrable experience in utilization and application of health care and retrospectively led research, modeling of demand/capacity in health care settings,
  • Demonstrated ability to develop research proposal, protocols, and associated finances
  • Demonstrable experience of working with external groups including universities, industry to support mutually beneficial and productive collaborations and relationships
  • Excellent relationship building skills considering different styles and needs to quickly understand the requirements of cross-functional teams and collaborators
  • Direct experience of managing complex health data projects involving multiple groups
  • Confidence and are scientifically credible with peers and external community
  • Knowledge and understanding of NHS health care systems

Interviews will take place on 27 March. 


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