Atrial Fibrillation

As part of the pan-London Atrial Fibrillation (AF) programme, we aim to prevent AF-related stroke and associated mortality through better identification and management of people with AF. 

We have published a range of tools and services, supporting partners in the delivery of best practice anticoagulation.

Please note: The AF High Impact Intervention Tool is no longer available. Please access the Opportunity Analysis Tool and the DOAC Forecasting Model below.

As users of our tools we encourage you to give us feedback on  

Opportunity Analysis

ICHP’s new Tableau version of the Anticoagulant Value Optimisation Tool can highlight the AF detect and protect opportunity gaps, and the money-saving opportunities which exist for CCGs by prescribing stroke-protecting anticoagulants for AF patients in the most price-sensitive way.

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Oral Anticoagulant VfM Analysis

The Oral Anticoagulant Value for Money Analysis was performed using the Socio-Technical Allocation of Resources (STAR) methodology developed by LSE and Oxford Universities. The Value for Money (VfM) analysis is a specifically designed tool that calculates vale for money of different treatments and generates easy to understand diagrams.

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DOAC Forecasting Model

The DOAC Forecasting Model predicts the savings which could be made if GPs adopted a ‘price sensitive prescribing’ practice for Oral Anticoagulant drugs for AF patients. It predicts patient volumes and costs from 18/19 until 26/27, based on published GP prescribing data, Jan 2018 Drug Tariff prices, and ONS published population projections. Calculations are done at CCG level, with outputs presented for an individual CCG, for an individual STP, or any other user-defined combination of CCGs.

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The Pan London AF Toolkit

The Pan London AF Toolkit was designed by a team of experts, including Imperial College Health Partners, to help address one of the biggest burdens on the NHS and the health of the population. It brings together the latest clinical guidance, performance data, case studies and support for clinicians and commissioners.

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