Maria Ilia

Head of Implementation and Research


Maria joined Imperial College Health Partners in May 2019 to lead the engagement for North West London’s Disease Agnostic Health Register in collaboration with NWL NHS Trusts, CCGs, academic partners, primary care and the population to raise awareness about how to the 2.5 million population of NWL can support health research and programmes. Since October 2019, Maria has been additionally supporting the Discover -NOW Hub to accelerate health research through bringing to the NWL Clinical Research Network (NWL CRN), GP practices and PCNs an online tool for feasibility and recruitment called FARSITE (Feasibility And Recruitment System for Improving Trial Efficiency).

Prior to joining ICHP, Maria held a number of engagement roles to facilitate collaboration among clinicians, academics, internal external stakeholders within various internal functions across health, pharma, technology and education sectors to lead proposal development, bid defences and client communications strategy.

Maria is trained in Neuroscience by PhD at University College London, then in business consultancy at the London Technology Network of the London Business School and most recently in Executive Coaching with the Coaching Academy and the International Coaching Federation.