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Working with the NWL research sector

North West London has one of the most thriving research sectors in the UK. It has 20 research organisations, and last year recruited more than 200,000 patients into trials as well as generating £119 million worth of investment.

Whilst not a research organisation ourselves, we work closely with the research sector to spread best practices and new ideas across the NHS. Enabling discovery and research is a key part of the innovation pipeline.

As such, two bodies we work very closely with are Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) and the North West London Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care for North West London (CLAHRC). The roles we all play are as follows:

  • AHSC:  Identifies best practice through research and discovery.
  • CLAHRC:  Demonstrates translation of research into best practice through improvement science.
  • ICHP:  Promotes diffusion and consistent adoption of best practice and innovation across the sector.

We also work with other research bodies like the sector’s biomedical research centres and units (BRCs and BRUs) and have a close working relationship with North West London’s Clinical Research Network.

One of ICHP’s greatest contributions to supporting NWL’s research sector is the development of Discover – a consent to contact research register for people 18 and over living in North West London. Read here for more information