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NWL COVID-19 Data Prioritisation Group Project Tracker

For transparency this tracker will capture details of projects that have been approved by the COVID-19 NWL Data Prioritisation Group.

 Project NameProject LeadHost OrganisationDataset RequestedClinical SponsorDate Project Presented to GroupApproval Date
1COVID-19 Planning SupportClare Lyons-AmosWestminster and Kensington and Chelsea Councils
WSIC De-IdentifiedHouda Al Sharifi08/05/202008/05/2020
2RECAP (Remote COVID-19 Assessment in Primary Care): a learning system approach to develop an early warning score for use by primary care practitioners

Professor Brendan DelaneyImperial College LondonWSIC De-IdentifiedDr Erik Mayer08/05/202008/05/2020
3The effect of COVID-19 on acute surgery in a tertiary UK healthcare setting: An interogation of routinely collected electronic healthcare record dataJames KincrossImperial College Healthcare NHS TrustICHNT -COVID-19Mr George Reese15/05/202015/05/2020
4The impact of COVID-19 induced patient flow reorganisation on hospital acquired infections and hospital acquired COVID-19: A network analysisDr Ceire CostelloeImperial College LondonICHNT -COVID-19Dr Bob Klaber15/05/202015/05/2020
5Evaluating and improving currently used early warning tools for predicting deterioration in patients with SARS-CoV-2: a causal inference approach using electronic patient recordsDr Ceire CostelloeImperial College LondonICHNT -COVID-19Professor Graham Cooke15/05/202015/05/2020
6COVID19RENAL: The Impact of COVID19 on Renal and Immunosuppressed PatientsDr Michelle WillicombeImperial College LondonICHNT -COVID-19Dr Darren Parsons15/05/202015/05/2020
7COVID Gold CommandMiss Tharshiya PackianathanNWL CCGsWSIC COVID-19Dr Tony Willis15/05/202015/05/2020
8COVID ICU data analytics on treatment and therapyDr Aldo FaisalImperial College LondonICHNT -COVID-19Anthony Gordon22/05/202022/05/2020
9Hypertension, ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers in Covid-19: risk of infection and clinical outcomes Dr Bethan DaviesImperial College LondonWSIC COVID-19 / ICHNT -COVID-19Dr Neil Chapman22/05/202019/06/2020
10The impact of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2)/ COVID- 19 on Venous ThromboembolismProfessor Alun DaviesImperial College Healthcare TrustWSIC COVID-19Professor George Hanna22/05/202022/05/2020
11COVID-19 in Diabetes PatientsProf Edward GreggImperial College LondonWSIC COVID-19Dr Tony Willis22/05/202022/05/2020
12Identifying shielded/vulnerable patients at risk of Covid-19Sneha JhaImperial College LondonWSIC COVID-19 / ICHNT -COVID-19Erik Mayer22/05/202022/05/2020
13Understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on the provision of NHS health care and patient outcomesProf Carol PropperImperial College LondonICHNT -COVID-19Prof. Azeem Majeed22/05/202022/05/2020
14SAGE & BAME (ONS Request)Jonny TinsleyOffice of National StatisticsWSIC De-IdentifiedSanjay Gautama05/06/202005/06/2020
15The impact of COVID-19 on antibiotic prescribing in North West LondonProf Paul AylinImperial College LondonWSIC COVID-19 / ICHNT -COVID-19Professor Alison Holmes05/06/202005/06/2020
16EPISODES StudyDr Ruud NijmanImperial College LondonICHNT -COVID-19Ian Maconochie05/06/202005/06/2020
17NHSE COVID-19 Machine LearningDr Wayne SmithImperial College Health PartnersWSIC De-IdentifiedDr Jaymin Shah05/06/202005/06/2020
18Hillingdon CCG Recovery Plan – COVID Population AnalysisJagdeep LambaHillingdon CCGWSIC De-IdentifiedIan Goodman05/06/202005/06/2020
19A data-driven approach to support sector-wide resilience for healthcare deliveryMr Erik MayerICHTICHNT -COVID-19James Bird19/06/202019/06/2020
20Neurological and Psychiatric Manifestations of COVID-19 in NW LondonDr Parashar RamanujRoyal National Orthopaedic Hospital / Imperial College Health PartnersWSIC De-IdentifiedDr Christopher Hilton19/06/202019/06/2020
21Investigating the effects of antiplatelet and anticoagulant medications on COVID-19 outcomesDr Amit KauraImperial College Healthcare NHS Trust /
Imperial College London
WSIC De-IdentifiedProfessor Jamil Mayet26/06/202026/06/2020
22Covid-19 beyond the Lung -risks for people living with serious mental illnessDr Stephen Orleans-FoliWest London NHS TrustICHNT -COVID-19Dr Samantha Scholtz07/08/202007/08/2020
23COVID-ICU: Management of severe acute respiratory failure during the COVID-19 pandemic - A National Service Evaluation Dr David Antcliffe Imperial College LondonICAREDr Matthieu Komerowski 23/07/202023/07/2020
24Investigating the incidence and impact of thrombocytopenia in COVIDDr Nichola CooperImperial College LondonICAREJane Apperley07/08/202007/08/2020
25Understanding the burden of severe infections in children in North West LondonDr Ruud NijmanImperial College LondonWSIC De-IdentifiedIan Maconochie07/08/202007/08/2020
26Life Years Lost to Covid-19Dr Katharina HauckImperial College LondonWSIC COVID-19 / ICHNT -COVID-19Dr Shevanthi Nayagam07/08/202007/08/2020
27Use of artificial intelligence applied to routine clinical and administrative healthcare data to identify people at risk of serious acute illness from COVID-19-related illness.Dr Benjamin PostImperial College LondonICARE / WSIC De-IdentifiedProfessor Stephen Brett21/08/202021/08/2020
28Investigating the effects of COVID-19 on different echocardiographic parametersDr Tiffany NgImperial College LondonICHNT -COVID-19Professor Jamil Mayet11/12/202011/12/2020